FAQ's + Policies


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Text or call: (463) 207-8144

Facebook: @timberedrootsco


 Timbered Roots Co is a family-owned, small business with a passion for custom woodworking. Our products are hand-built by us in Indiana.


All of our furniture is handcrafted from real, locally sourced wood. No two pieces are alike. Real wood products have knots, distressing and uniqueness which is what makes our products so amazing.

Stain colors can also vary slightly with different grains and comparing a digital image to a product in front of you does not always guarantee a perfect match.


Turn around time is usually around 10-14 weeks.

Please understand that a lead time is purely an estimate. We sometimes get orders completed faster than that but sometimes there are issues with production that can delay orders past a lead time. It is better to get your order a few weeks later than quoted and it be up to quality standards than to get it on time and have it fail quality standards. We are a small business with a family, we are doing our best but sometimes unexpected things do come up - please understand that before placing your order.


*****ALL SALES ARE FINAL (including deposits)*****
Each piece is custom made just for you and products specific to your order are purchased so no refunds will be given. Changes such as colors can be made up to 48 hours after your order is placed.

  1. Pay in full
  2. Pay a 50% deposit when you order by phone, facebook or email + the remaining 50% is due upon completion of your order (not delivery, order completion on our end)
  3. Credit or Debit card through an invoice
  4. Check

We stand behind our product and know real, custom furniture can be an investment. We understand ordering anything online can be scary, that's why we promise:

1. If your furniture isn't built to the color, size or style that you ordered, we will fix or replace it.

2. If your furniture arrives damaged, we will fix or replace it.

3. If your furniture ever cracks or splits, we will fix or replace it.

What our warranty DOES NOT cover

Anything that occurs due to mishandling (including)

1. Damaging the finish

2. Force to the wood causing it to break

3. Natural tendencies when treated to extreme temperature / humidity changes such as bowing, twisting and warping.